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Cheating Wives

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Having sex with cheating wives is habit forming.  Why women cheat on their men is simple.  They don’t get what they need either emotionally or sexually.  A married woman who goes outside her marriage for sex is one of the best lovers you’ll ever have.  Traditional marriage is a Friggin joke anyways.  Men need variety and women have stronger sexual needs than men.  More than half of all married people in the US cheat and thats just those who admit to it.  I was having sex with this hot 40 something woman I met at a bar last week.  We must of screwed off and on for five hours!  This lady was hungry and I was happy to feed her if you know what I mean.  She was wild too.  Scratched my back and yelled so loud when she came I had to cover her mouth with my hand so the neighbors wouldn’t complain. I’m just hooked on sex with cheating wives.

Turns out we both were members of some of the same online sex clubs for cheaters too.  The first one of these sites I ever joined was sex on the side club back in like 2001.  It’s changed and grown alot since then but I still manage to score some hot dates now and then so I check their personal ads pretty regular.  What was the url of that site you ask?  … one sec let me dig it up.

Ok so heres what you do.  They make you go through all these pages of stuff about the sex club and why its only for people serious about cheating and adults and this and that so just click the big links top of the pages that say Continue To Enter etc.. till you get to like the page with the listings the adult personals of all the married cheaters.  So you put in your email first to start the signup process to get a password sent to you (Use one your wife or man won’t see!) then create an account and email as many people as you can till your figures cant type no more to get the best results.   No shit Im telling you people join this club every day so Im always checking for new cheating wives here locally I can hookup for sex with.

Where do Cheating Wives go to meet guys?
One of my girlfriends told me on the phone tonight her friends go drinking after work at the local bar and flirt with guys they meet and sometimes hookup on the side at local motels for quickies.  I met her at and we been hitting it every week since.